About Us

Clients.inc was launched by a group of experienced online entrepreneurs who have each built numerous successful online businesses, dating back to the late-90’s Internet revolution.


Our story

Each founding member has built an online business from founding to significant success, earning seven to eight digit returns at the time of exit.

Our reasons for launching clients.inc are not identical, but they are similar. Moreso than any other reason, we believe online entrepreneurship remains in its infancy, and will form a significant part of business in the United States and beyond, for a very long time.

Every online entrepreneur, regardless of specific industry, is constantly faced with the need to generate new clients; every week, every day.

Every online business is constantly faced with the need to generate new clients; every week every day. Your ability to earn profitable revenue depends on your ability to constantly generate qualified client leads. Through our own proprietary software and systems, Clients.inc can solve the entire challenge of lead generation for you, so you can forget about generating leads yourself and focus on delivering value to your new stream of clients.

Clients are constantly faced with questions about who to do business with.

On both sides of the equation, there are never-ending unanswered questions to be explored.

Drawing from several decades of collective experience including significant backgrounds in technology and entrepreneurship, we look forward to adding value to ongoing discussions on the topic of client experiences for end users, and client generation for entrepreneurs.

Our founders collectively have over one hundred years of technology industry experience and have generated over a half billion dollars of shareholder value through several successful technology projects that achieved multi-million dollar venture backed financings through IPO offerings on the Nasdaq stock market. 

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