This page contains frequently asked questions. We will continue to update it as the business gets through its first few phases of growth, so check back frequently.

Q: Is related to

A: Yes, they are related companies.

Q: Who is the founder of

A: has several founders. Each is an accomplished online entrepreneur with a minimum of seven figures (profit, not only revenue) of recorded earnings history.

Q: Why .inc? What is .inc?

A: .inc is a new top-level domain (TLD) for 2019. It is considered the highest end top level internet domain (TLD) to be launched in a long time. Early registrants have generally paid $2,500 to $60,000 for registrations, depending on a variety of conditions.

Early adopters of .inc domains include Goldman Sachs, Apple, Dell, Linkedin, Ebay, Alphabet (Google), American Express, Ritz Carlton, and more.

Q: What is the business model for

A: is focused on research, education and publishing of valuable content covering the online entrepreneurship and online business industry in general. In the first few phases of growth we have been limiting our business interaction to online entrepreneurs previously known to our founders, who have deep roots in the tech industry.

Our founders view the initiatives around as a “100-year business”, meaning, it is being developed to be a brand that lasts a minimum of one hundred years online.

Q: Are your founders keeping their identities anonymous?

A: No. However we do not go out of our way to advertise it. If you pay attention, you can figure it out pretty quick.

Q: What is your vision?

A: We have a one hundred year vision for the business. Our approach is focused on substance, efficiency and value, not flash. New features and offers are added as they are developed.

If you need to generate clients and are experienced in one or more of the vertical markets we serve, you already understand that all you need is the accurate lead information sent to you by your preferred method of delivery in real time; nothing more, nothing less.

Q: How are you marketing

A: Because of extremely high demand for leads in the vertical markets we serve, there has not been a need for us to market the business. Since the first day we went online, we have been sold to several times our capacity to deliver leads on a daily basis, with reliable lead buyers through existing relationships.

Our roadmap calls for marketing awareness campaigns as our proprietary lead generation volume increases over time.

Q: How can I receive real-time leads from you?

A: Right now, we have the capability to post leads instantly to your forms, through JSON, HTTP POST, through integrations such as Zapier and, or they can be sent by our proprietary software as plaintext data to the email address you specify, in real time as the leads come in.

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